While it is expected that appliances can break down because of wear and tear, a little care can keep them running longer than expected. A lack of maintenance can force your appliances to work harder, which in turn can shorten its life span. Since replacing appliances can be a heavy on the budget, we should look for ways to extend their life.

Air Quality Appliance Care
Humidifiers, Air Cleaners, and Purifiers often operate for extended periods of time making maintenance and care very important. Routine Cleaning and Filter Changing should always be done. This simple maintenance can greatly extend their life cycle.
Coffeemaker Care
Coffeemakers tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to other appliances this is because they are often used and left on for long periods of time. To extend the life of your coffeemakers, give it a routine cleaning by making a solution made of vinegar and water, followed by a clear water rinse. This will help clear all mineral build ups.
Dishwasher Care
You should always inspect the condition of your door seal. Always keep it clean. Water and dirt build up on the door may cause molds which are difficult to get rid of. A loose or broken seal should be replaced for it may lead to unwanted leaks.
Dryer Care
All of us are guilty of over stuffing our dryers. Not all dryer tubs can handle larger than the recommended load. If you are unsure of how much load it can take, check your user manual. Overloading your dryer can put a strain on the belt that turns the drum and can lead to costly repairs.
Freezer Care
Freezers should be located away from streaming sunlight and heat. These elements can make your freezer work harder thus shortening its life span. Removing ice build ups improves air flow and helps to maintain proper freezer temperature.
Refrigerator care
There several things that can help a refrigerator work more efficiently:

  • Avoid extended browsing and menu planning with the door open
  • Inspect and replace loose moldy doors
  • Vacuum the compressor coils

Maintenance and cleaning can go a long way in extending your appliances life span, at the same time keep them running in perfect condition making them more reliable.